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Essential Achievements in Research and Extension

Soil Nursery

          Taoyuan District Agricultural Research
          and Extension Station, Council of
           Agriculture, Executive Yuan

                Soil Nursery

●Improved protocols for soil sample testing.
●Developed pot chrysanthemum and poinsettia nutrition management together with cultural media
preparation techniques.
●Improved fertilizing techniques for rice cultivars such as Taoyuan No.3.
●Developed the improved ventilated compost bin and also the rapid composting device.
●Utilized farm waste to make cultural media and liquid organic fertilizers.
●Studied the long-term effects of organic fertilizers on soil properties and vegetables.
●Promoting rational fertilization on rice, vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees.
●Assisting farmers in this district in cultural practices of organic farming.

Effect of rational use of fertilizer on the culture of rice:demonstration plot(left);Control plot(right),The equipment ofr rapid composting,the application of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria,effect of long term application of manure organic fertilizer on vegetable growth and soil properties,the yield of lettuce is increased by application of liquid organic fertilize, the sweet pepper cultured by organic fertilizer Taoyuan No.3, Demonstration of organic rice farming and Development of organic fertilizer for organic rice farming.