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Essential Achievements in Research and Extension

Floriculture Improvements

         Taoyuan District Agricultural Research
          and Extension Station, Council of
           Agriculture, Executive Yuan

            Floriculture Improvements

To improve flower cultivars which are well adapted to local environment as well as novel floral types
and colors.
●Developed new varieties such as poinsettia TYNR No.1 and No.2, kalanchoe Taoyuan No.1 and
No.2, chrysanthemum Taoyuan No.1 and No.2, ginger lily Taoyuan No.1 and No.2, and periwinkle
Taoyuan No.1 to 5.
●Selected and successfully cultivated: Taiwan cherry flower adapted to the lowland; early flowering
golden spider lily and rhododendron suitable for landscape and pot flower.
●Developed self-watering tray for miniature flower pots and mass production techniques for bulbs of
golden spider lily.

Periwinkle cultivar Taoyuan No.2,Taoyuan No.3,Taoyuan No.4,Taoyuan No.5,Rhododendron improved superior line,Taiwan cherry flower improved superior line,Dual-scaled bulbs of golden spider lily propagation technique and slef-watering tray for miniature flower pots.