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Essential Achievements in Research and Extension

Rice Improvements

          Taoyuan District Agricultural Research
          and Extension Station, Council of
           Agriculture, Executive Yuan

               Rice Improvements

To develop new cultivars with high quality, high yield, lodging-resistance, and better adaptability to
northern Taiwan. Also to produce high quality and organic rice.
●Released and extended cultivars to farmers for commercial production such as Taikeng No.14,
Taoyuan No.1, Taoyuan Glutinous No. 2, Taoyuan No. 3 and Taoyuan No. 4.
●Extended the cultivation area of Taikeng No. 14 to over 20,000 ha.
●Released an aromatic rice cultivar, Taoyuan No.3, to farmers. This new cultivar has characters of
large grain, translucent appearance, taro-like fragrance, and good-eating quality that has been
cultivated up to 1,000 ha.

Unhusked Rice Cultivars Taikeng No.14,Taikeng No.1,Polished Rice Cultivars Taoyuan No.14,Taoyuan No.1 and Rice cultivar Taikeng No.14,Taoyuan No.1 growing condition in the field.

Unhusked Rice Cultivars taoyuan No.3,taoyuan No.4,Polished Rice Cultivars taoyuan No.3,taoyuan No.4 and Rice cultivar taoyuan No.3,taoyuan No.4 growing condition in the field.

New packaged products of rice cultivar Taoyuan NO.3  2 piuctures.