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Essential Achievements in Research and Extension

Plant Protection

          Taoyuan District Agricultural Research
          and Extension Station, Council of
           Agriculture, Executive Yuan

                Plant Protection

●Developed prevention and control techniques on vegetable diseases for seedling, vegetable wilting
and Sclerotium disease.
●Establishment of certification system and stock plants for virus-free green bamboo nursery in northern
●Set up regional monitoring stations on invading pests.
●Utilized integrated pest management techniques to reduce the pesticide residues.
●Monitoring and forecasting the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests , warning is then
announced at the proper time.
●Offering consultation on plant diseases and pests, together with short course on safe practices with
●Assisting production and marketing groups with GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) to produce high-
quality safe vegetables and fruits.

Remote monitoring system for pests,Led trapper prototype for main pests prevention of plastic house vegetable,greenhouse pests control with yellow sticky traps and non-chemical materials,greenhouse pests control with sex pheromone,study on the control of powdery mildew of melon by using sulfur pancake, reproduction of bamboo mosaic virus-free off-shoot seeding of green bamboo, biomonitoring of air pollution with indicator plants, seeding damaged by rice water weevil and mound of red fire ant.