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Essential Achievements in Research and Extension

Vegetable Improvements

          Taoyuan District Agricultural Research
          and Extension Station, Council of
           Agriculture, Executive Yuan

             Vegetable Improvements

To improve vegetable cultivars of economical importance and cultural practices in simply equipped
house in northern Taiwan.
●Developed and released new cultivars of water bamboo Taoyuan No.1 and Taoyuan No. 2.
●Developed new varieties with technology tranfer including lettuce Taoyuan No.1,Taoyuan No.2 and
green onion Taoyuan No. 4.
●Developed cultural techniques such as plug seedling, basket cultured sweet pepper, tomato and
western pumpkin…etc.
●Cultivated the certified seeds of Sichuan mustard and planted over 400 ha each year.
●Developed the flexible PE plug tray ,that reduced more than two-third of the labor cost required for
●Developed water-saving cultural techniques for leafy vegetables.
●Studied fast cultural techniques for seedling vegetables to cope with vegetable demand-and-supply
problem during the typhoon season.

Tomato cultivar Taoyuan ASVEG No.9,Taoyuan ASVEG No.20,Water spinach cultivar Taoyuan No.1,Head mustard cultivar Taoyuan No.1, Sichuan mustard cultivar Wufong,Leafy mustard cultivar Taoyuan No.2, lettuce cultivar Taoyuan No.1 and No.2.

Water bamboo cultivar Taoyuan No.1,Taoyuan No.2,cutivated by flexible PE plug tray,Green onion cultivar Taoyuan No.3,Taoyuan No.4 and Basket cultured sweet pepper.

Harvest after seeding in 128 grid plug tray for 2 weeks and transplanted in field for 12 days.