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Essential Achievements in Research and Extension


          Taoyuan District Agricultural Research
          and Extension Station, Council of
           Agriculture, Executive Yuan


1.) Orchid
To collect the genetic resources of Taiwan native orchid, to cross breed new cultivars, and also to
develop techniques in vitro seed germination, micropropagation, and cultural management.
●More than 50 cross combinations are accomplished each year with different charaters in multistem,
multiflower, and fragrance.
●Twenty-seven new hybrids are accepted by the RHS, and superior individuals are selected for plant
variety right applications.
●Interspecific crosses in Calanthe breeding performed to develop superior cultivars suitable for
lowland areas.
●Superior Calanthe and Phalaenopsis individuals are frequently awarded in both domestic and
international orchid exhibitions in recent years.
●Applied the marker-assisted selection approach for Phalaenopsis to provide the basis on choosing
parents and to increase the breeding efficiency.
●Analyzing phylogenetic relation between species in orchids to conserve the biodiversity.
●Protected variety right on horticultural cultivars of strawberry, poinsettia, kalanchoe, and

Mass propagation technique of orchid seeding and Exploitation of molecular marker for identifying plant varieties.

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Dtps. Tydares  Splendor,Dtps. Tydares  Fireworks and Dtps. Tydares  wonderland.